Welcome to the 2011 Gallery for

Land of the Sky Wilderness School, LLC

Thank you all for making it a wonderful Summer, I hope to see you again in some future program!

Check the calendar at www.lotswild.com for special clinics, and stay tuned for the possibility of a new SCIIIx - Scout Camp Extreme. SCIIIx will be an international adventure program by LOTSWild. UPDATE: SCIIIx is happening, February 2012. Contact us ASAP to secure a ticket for the wilderness/roots study program and martial arts training event in Negril, Jamaica. Guest instructors include Brian Adams, student of Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, Wally Jay, and Ed Parker. Price $200 (plus airfare/taxi/food). Estimated cost $1,000 gives you plenty of margin for extras.




Scout Camp 1a (week one)

Page 1: heavy bag, fire skills,chickens, a malfunctioning rope swing/river safety, wild mint

Page 3 : fishing, a hearty breakfast, medicinal plants, jok gi, eedan yup chagi, spring water reclamation

Page 5: appalachian wood working, hojojutsu, pushups, bow carving (longbow), legal/ethical defense with grandmaster Adams, storm

Page 7: into the mountains, scavenging food, swimming, springs, late evening, GROUP PHOTO (p. 9)

Page 10: finishing the bow, stalking, hand carved spoon


Scout Camp 1b (week two)

Here's a cool video from SC1b - full gallery of stills below;

Page 1:  Reloading, Rifle training, throwing blades

Page 3: Archery course, cookout, the Meese hole (cold water training), stretches

Page 5 : coordination, rope skills, knives, blacksmithing

Page 7: The sailboat awaits, jumping tree (courage training LOL),

Page 8: anatomy with grandmaster Brian Adams, Muay Thai with Zech, Jiu Jutsu chokes and escapes

Page 9: Waterfalls, tracking, rock climbing, plant ID

Page 12: quartermasters, chess, welcome to the ancient Sailing arts

Page 16: an incredible sunset, life on an island


Scout Camp 1c (basics, week three)

Page 1: what bugs, oh yarrow, tuning up the forge, a swollen river, grasshoppers mmmm,

awareness/sensitivity, cook your own lunch, a gorgeous gorge

Page 3: cascades, water endurance

Page 4: EPIC views, cliffs like no other

Page 6: GROUP PHOTO, fire it up man, Cherokee crafts/basket/mask, dojo training

yellow prong, stolen paper rack?

Page 8: navigation, shelters, teamwork, awesome panoramic photos


Ninja Camp NC1 (basics, week 4)

Page 1: teamwork, fuzz sticks, black widow, soaking wet and cold, precision striking, search and rescue

Page 3: pools and falls, fire in the wet, pressurized vapor stove from beercans, Indian Cucumber, death on a stalk, hojojutsu (rope fighting) - throwing a slip knot

Page 5: shelters, rain, injuries, cooking skills, indian raisins not ripe yet, stalking, HUGE waterfall swimming

Page 7: road repair, blue flower, GROUP PHOTO


SCII (advanced)

Page 1: pump the tire, gear load, high jump, off we go, pine sap, biggest kitchen in the world

Page 3: thunder water, camp analysis/scavenge, suspension bridge, crawling things, pen fishing kit, hemlock and birch, camp set

Page 4: fly fish, edible roots and tubers, unreal morning Sun, Trillium, greens and briars, found grill, orienteering, a dying legend

Page 5: deep wild camp, a hidden river, untouched sand bar, bee balm, donkey-head-war-club, snail friend, Hemlocks in passing, getting wet

Page 7: the survival fish weir, dam it, exploring lost coves, tater fry, another day passes

Page 9: someone's toilet LOL, exit the valley, high jump 2.0 (faceplant), geared up, alcohol pressure stove, nice panoramas of hike

student built fish wier/survival trap